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See How Your Chosen Image Looks Matted and Framed

You may mat and frame any of my images right online, adjust the mat size and color, choose from tons of frame styles, and, if you wish, purchase the actual components as a framing kit. All this may be done at I have absolutely no affiliation with this site, but it does allow you to see (for free) what your image will look like framed, and if you wish to buy the framing components from them, their prices are reasonable. You will need a small sample of your chosen photo for online framing purposes, and to this end I have provided a free download sample of each of my images.

You download the sample image to your computer, and then upload it to the site and start framing! Here's how to download your sample  image:

1. Go to the page of your chosen image

2. Move your cursor over the "Buy" button near the top right corner of the page (don't worry, the download is free), then click on "Select Product."

3. Click on "Downloads," click on the image title, and then add the download to your cart.

4. Press the "Checkout Now" button (the system will not ask for any personal information) and download the image to your computer.


How to Frame Your Chosen Image Online

1. Go to the "Personal Frame Shop" of

2. Upload the image from your computer and then chose matting and framing for the image according to their instructions. A few tips:

     • After uploading your image, enter the actual physical size of the image, and make sure the "Maintain Image Proportions" 

       box is checked (i.e. if on the actual print the image size is, say, 18 inches wide, their system will automatically calculate the correct


     • The color of the mat core is usually white, and this will be visible as a thin white line

     • At any  time you may click on the "Larger View" button to see your framed artwork on a larger scale

     • Remember that you may go back and change the mat color, mat size, frame style, etc., at any time, and you may change your mind

       as often as you like


For some useful information on how to chose an appropriate mat and frame for your image, click here.